Top 5 Cruiser Bikes In The World

Cruisers were first introduced in the early 1930’s when people started traveling long distances on their bikes. Till late 1960’s the world witnessed a number of big macho cruisers and even now the love for such bikes is alive in the hearts of some bike enthusiasts. Cruisers are basically an invention made in America where people tend to love the roaring sound of huge engines with some exclusive capabilities. Here is a list of 5 ten cruiser bikes in the world who have been able to sustain the interest of the bike lovers with their designing and potential.

 Ducati Diavel

Coming to some unorthodox cruisers, the Ducati Diavel has changed the designing dynamics of cruiser bikes. For the ones who wish to cruise around with some quick numbers on acceleration Diavel is a perfect match for such bike enthusiasts. The 1198cc engine of the bike gives Diavel the capability of clocking the 100 kmph mark from naught in mere 2.8 seconds and comes at a starting price of $21,800.39 (INR 14,20,000).

 Yamaha Star VMAX:

When it comes to fastest cruisers around the globe, Star VMAX hold its head high due to its potent engine capabilities. The 1679cc, DOHC, 4-cylinder engine of the bikes generates a staggering 174 hp power and peak torque of 114-pound feet. The VMAX can clock 100 kmph mark from naught in mere 2.4 seconds and thus it is the leading cruisers around the globe. For this Yamaha marvel, one has to pay $17990 (INR 11,71,804.74).

 Triumph Rocket Roadster:

This cruiser is known for its massive, chunky engine and this is what gives Rocket Roadster unmatched capabilities on the road. The Rocket Roadster has the biggest motorcycle engine that gives more torque to Roadster at idle than most superbikes at full chant. The 2,294cc engine churns out a maximum power of 148 hp and a massive torque of 221 Nm. The bike is priced at $33,775 (INR 22,00,000).

 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000:

Since its introduction in 1984, the Vulcan has been the leading cruiser across the globe. Hitting the second position on the list, the Vulcan 2000 has been the favorite cruiser of most of the superstars in different geographies. What makes Vulcan 2000 unique is the V-twin engine, which is capable of churning out a maximum power of 117 hp and peak torque of 117-pound feet. This immense power helps in knocking 100 kmph mark in just 3.5 seconds and the bike is priced at $13,699 (INR 8,92,304.23). The bike has been discontinued by the manufacturer but still there are many Vulcan 2000 on the roads to give goosebumps.

 Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide:

Harley-Davidson is surely a manufacturer that is unbeatable in many aspects and CVO Road Glide has a legacy of its own which is surely unmatched by any other bike across the globe and the reason why it is on the top position on the list of top cruisers in the world. The 1801cc engine of the bike delivers a peak torque of 156 Nm that helps the cruiser in clocking 100 kmph mark in just 3.7 seconds. One has to spend $36,349 (INR 23,67,644.82) to cruiser around on this explicit cruise from the American manufacturer.

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