Hot stuff: A Honda CBX 750 F cafe racer built by a firefighter

Hot stuff: A Honda CBX 750 built by a firefighter

The annals of motorcycling history are filled with ‘tweeners’—motorcycles that improved upon outgoing models, but eventually fizzled out to make way for the next generation. Just like the Honda CBX 750 F. The CBX 750 F was an update on the beloved (and indeed iconic) CB750, but it wasn’t nearly as popular, and wasn’t really […]

Automobile Industry

What Regulations Affect the Automotive Sector?

Government regulation in the automotive industry directly affects the way cars look, how their components are designed, the safety features that are included, and the overall performance of any given vehicle. As a result, these regulations also have a significant effect on the automotive business by generally increasing production costs while also placing limitations on […]


6 best custom bike builders in India

With the Indian motorcycle industry expanding at a massive rate, the focus is slowly shifting from the manufacturers to boutique custom bike builders and modifiers across the country. Modifying your bike used to mean changing the paint job or getting projector headlamps, but the various customisation houses are showing us that it can be so […]

A Japanese-style Yamaha SR400 bobber made in England

Ode to Japan: A Yamaha SR400 bobber Made in England

We’re huge fans of the Japanese custom scene. But it’s not just the motorcycles that captivate us: we’re also conscious of how Japanese creativity influences the custom scene around the globe. Many elements of the universal flat-seated cafe racer genre originate in Japan—whether builders realize it or not. But this tasty Yamaha SR400 takes more […]


Top 3 Upcoming Electric Cars In India

Electric mobility is the way forward and it is here in India and how! India is one of the largest passenger car markets on the planet, but the sales of the electric vehicles in India form a very insignificant part of the total sales! With the government’s push towards electric mobility and electrification and the […]


Top 3 sports cars 2019

For the purposes of this top  chart, however, we can narrow our terms of reference down a bit; Caterham Sevens, Ferrari 488s, Alpine A110s and BMW M cars are ranked and dealt with elsewhere. Here, we’re interested in full-sized, fulsomely endowed, fully rounded dedicated sports cars priced between about £60,000 and £120,000. Only grown-up, big-hitting, […]


Top 5 Cruiser Bikes In The World

Cruisers were first introduced in the early 1930’s when people started traveling long distances on their bikes. Till late 1960’s the world witnessed a number of big macho cruisers and even now the love for such bikes is alive in the hearts of some bike enthusiasts. Cruisers are basically an invention made in America where […]